Personal Computer (PC) Repair

We repair any kinds of PC and tablets such as laptop, desktop, gaming PC, server PC. With a special tools and unique technique, we can identify and repair the actual source of problem. This pinpoint repair make possible to avoide unnecessary parts replacement and repair with a minimum charge. We are skilled enough to handle difficult cases such as processor replacement, graphic chip replacement and layer damage. Service charge is starting from ¥2000 and the maximum service charge for each devices are as below.

Data Safety First


Desktop computer

All in one computer


Industrial PC / robot
CAM equipment, CNC equipment, FA equipment

Machine city offers a wide range of repair services for any kinds of computer-aided machines such as high-prevision measuring / diagnosis machinery, CAD/CAM, CNC machines and industrial machineries. Our engineers have over 15 years of experience in repairing any kinds of machinery that are equipped with electronic circuit boards. We will use that know-how to carry out appropriate repairs in accordance with our customers' needs.
If you can not wait for the manufacturer support, or the support period has ended, please contact us now.

High-precision Measuring/ Diagnosis machinery

CAD/CAM, CNC Machinery

Computer-aided Manufacturing Machinery

Safe Data Recovery

Recoverying the unrecoverable. We accepts cases from other companies.

We recover data from any data storage device of any manufacturer. We have partnered with PC makers and other data recovery companies and give solutions for their client. With a 15 years of experience, we can even recover data from an onboard SSD, which is said to be nearly impossible worldwide. Please feel free to contact us without giving up on what other companies have told you they can not recover. No data No charge. Consultation and estimates are always free. Feel free to try our service.

Data Safety First

Free Evaluation,
And only pay for success.

Machinecity offers 100% free evaluation of your device. We will provide you with flexible options for your repair/recovery. You pay nothing if your problem is not solved.
Feel free to try our service.

Japan-Wide Services


Packing should be strictly in order to protect from vibration and moisture during transportation.

Don't forget to display "Precision Equipment" and "Handling Precautions"

If you do not have time, there is no box, we recommend the "PC delivery" dedicated kit for the courier company. Please feel free to discuss with us...

If Machinecity Failed To Fix You Computer!


*Terms and conditions may apply...

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